Report on Balearic Tourism employment for July to September 2017

Official figures for the Balearic Tourism Employment over the 3rd Quarter of 2017 are encouraging.

The Balearic State started to collate figures in 2008 when the average hours worked in the tourist sector was 40 per week. Although staff in the tourist services industry work more hours in the peak season, they officially work a few hours less than 10 years ago. They now average 36h 44m each week. It’s worth noting that they still work 2-3 hours more than any other employment sector though.

Employment in Tourism up.

The official number of those employed in tourism within the Balearic States has risen by about One Third in 10 years. Bear in mind, these are the figures for those actually officially registered. It doesn’t take into account the vast amount of un-registered employees. Either way, a rise in employment within the Balearic Islands is good news for everyone.

When you look at the sub-sectors within the industry, you can spot the trends when comparing the same sectors against the same quarter in 2016.
For those employed in “Food and Beverages”, the number dropped by a small amount to 1.46%. However, a more significant drop of 38% was recorded for those involved in “Transport of passengers”. Is this because Ibiza is moving away from cheaper holidays with coach-loads of passengers, to higher return families who are renting villas? The figures are for the whole of the Balearic Islands, but Mallorca is seeing a similar trend.
People employed within “Accommodation Services” actually rose by 25%.

Overall, these official figures point to a very healthy tourism market for Ibiza. With everything that is going on in other parts of the world, we suspect Ibiza will still be the choice of many for the same quarter in 2018.