Marina spaces in Ibiza are in short supply


Marina mooring spaces in Ibiza are in short supply

With many more new property buyers now owning homes on Ibiza Island, demand for marina spaces is rapidly increasing.

Residents of Ibiza and non-residents are treated differently when applying for a mooring space within Ibiza’s Public Ports. Most holiday-home buyers are not Residents. As such, they are about to be jostled to the back of the queue, or they must seek out a mooring in one of the privately owned marinas.

In September 2017, the Balearic Government stated that they will begin implementation of their plan for re-organisation of the Public Ports. This plan includes a directive to reduce the time for Residents waiting for a mooring by 80%. As there are limited spaces, this reduction in time will only come about by extending the application / acceptance time for non-residents.

It’s important to note, that there is a difference between the Public Ports and the Privately owned marinas. This Balearic Government directive applies to Public Ports. However, it seems that the Ibiza Consell have also decided to have their say on the matter. They have publicly stated that the Island does not need more marinas. They wish to have a target of local boats moored set at 75%.

The problem is huge. In the Summer, there were over 6,000 requests recorded for moorings at Public Ports within the Balearic Islands. A local example is the Port of Sant Antoni where just one mooring was granted to a Resident within the last three years! That’s one berth out of 411.

Where can you moor your boat in Ibiza?

There are quite a few good natural harbours where you could temporarily moor as a visitor. If you are looking for short term berthing, then try one of the marinas in the following list. Out of the 2,500 (ish) total spaces on Ibiza, the private marinas have the most berths.

If you’re lucky enough to own a Superyacht, Ibiza Town can now take large yachts up to 140m long. For the rest of us, try Ibiza Nueva (Talamanca, nr Ibiza Town), Marina Botafoch (Overlooking Ibiza Town) which is a neighbour to La Marina. There is also Puerto Deportivo Coral Mar and Puerto Deportivo de Santa Eularia along with Ibiza Magna.

The future for new moorings in Ibiza.

A few years ago, Simon & David Reuben (well known investors) paid about 25 Million for 5km of the West Coast of Ibiza. They may have to wait a while for their investment to offer a decent return.

It seems that the current Balearic Government, and the Ibiza Consell, are determined to restrict any new applications for marinas.

If you are offered a mooring at a sensible price, grab it! Or you could just buy a front line Ibiza property and watch the boats.

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