Ibiza Nightclub Guide

For such a tiny island, there is actually an awful lot going on in Ibiza when it comes to clubbing & nightlife!! For first timers – this can often be a little overwhelming. Below, we have put together a basic Ibiza Nightclub Guide which includes knowledge & simple explanations about the clubbing scene in Ibiza. We hope this will help you to get the most out of your time on the island.

Ibiza nightclubs ticketsThere are three main clubbing resorts on Ibiza. Playa d’en Bossa is on the East Coast of the island, just south of Ibiza Town & boasts a beautiful long beach & pulsating night scene. San Antonio, on the West Coast of Ibiza features the famous “Sunset Strip” with some amazing cafes. It also has a very lively town centre with lots of great bars. Over in Ibiza Town you will find a fantastic selection of bars, shops & a very international crowd.

Playa d’en Bossa

Sankeys – right in the heart of Playa d’en Bossa
Located in the street opposite Garbi Hotel, Sankeys is a 1500 capacity club with 3 rooms, a roof terrace, amazing VOID sound system, body sonic dance floor & a great choice of nights. It is famous for its basement, underground music & is popular with workers. You can get a cab there from San Antonio for about €25 or from Ibiza Town for about €10.

Space – found in Playa d’en Bossa, near the beach
Owned by Ibicenco Pepe Rosello, Space Ibiza is known around the world as one of the temples of electronic dance music. Unique through many of its years by offering unadulterated daytime clubbing, the Space Terrace ranks along side the Paradise Garage and Haçienda in terms of influence and impact. Now a sprawling & modern super club, with 5 different areas, Space is Ibiza power clubbing at its finest with a particular emphasis on bringing only the best international DJs across the genres. To get here from San Antonio it will cost you about €20 in a taxi. Parties cost anything around €35-€50 & drinks are within the norm costing around €14+ for a Vodka Lemon or €8+ for a beer.

Ushuaia nightclub IbizaUshuaïa – located in Playa d’en Bossa, opposite Space and next to the beach
Ushuaïa has made a name for itself championing huge DJ names, amazing stage production, glamourous dancers & attendees as well as a fantastically placed VIP section; in a few short years it has become one of the most famous venues in Ibiza. With the exception of the opening and closing parties (which continue indefinitely into the night) Ushuaïa opens around 3-5pm in the afternoon and closes at midnight. By providing a rare opportunity to see some of the biggest headliners on the island as the sun is still setting, Ushuaïa has become an important force in returning the long-held tradition of daytime clubbing back to the island. YOu can get here for about €25 in a cab from San Antonio or a €10 cab from Ibiza Town. Disco buses also run along both these routes at night.

Ibiza Town

Pacha – found near Ibiza Marina
Pacha nightclub IbizaCreated in Ibiza in 1973, this little old finca has grown into the most dominant clubbing brand in the world, with the Ibiza venue still very much the driving force & jewel in the crown. As well as its famous cherries & being the playground of the rich & famous – Pacha is Ibiza’s oldest & most well known club. From Ibiza Town a taxi will cist around €10, €15 from Playa d’end Bossa & €20-€25 from San Antonio. There are also buses to & from Ibiza Town or you can walk along the marina in about 10-15 minutes. You can expect to pay from €40+ for most parties, except the F*** Me I’m Famous party, where tickets will be a lot higher. The price increases as the island gets busier & the parties get more popular. A Vodka Lemon costs approximately €18+ & a beer will be €12+. Prices on the door can be up to €20 more expensive than presale, so buy your tickets in advance!

DC10 – near to the airport on the road to Las Salinas
This club has now reached an elevated position thanks to offering a unique experience in Ibiza’s clubbing environment. In contrast to the rest of the clubs, it still does little or no publicity for its parties, meaning those who go are in the know & there for one reason; the music. DC10’s longevity & success is ultimately thanks to a devotion to providing solid, quality underground electronic music.It is famous for its after hours parties, being the island’s only true underground club & launching the careers of some of the island’s biggest DJs…as well as fancy dress, costumes & general silly fun & games. It will cost about €10 in a taxi from Ibiza Town or Playa D’en Bossa, €25 from San Antonio & the bus to Salinas beach stops just past the club. It is also possible to walk from Sant Jordi (about 15-20 minutes). Drinks are relatively cheap, with a beer or water costing around €5-7 & a mixer no more than €10.

Ibiza clubbing guideAmnesia – this is in the middle of the island, near San Rafael
Arguably the quintessential Ibiza clubbing experience, Amnesia has long been the backdrop for some unforgettable clubbing moments. Two massive rooms – one a dark cavernous cauldron & the other an expansive arena that is flooded with light when the sun rises – are guarded by the notorious Amnesia ice cannons that could strike at anytime.
Very eclectic in its programming, Amnesia covers the best of techno, house, trance, dubstep & even some live shows. Like all the super clubs, Amnesia’s main dance floors can get extremely busy & are known for incredible communal moments with every hand in the air. The upper levels of Amnesia are VIP & provide an amazing view of the revelry below. Getting there will cost about €10-€15 in a taxi from San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa or Ibiza Town. Disco buses run all night direct from Ibiza & Playa d’en Bossa to San Antonio & vice versa. Popular parties include Cocoon, Cream, Music On, Together & the Espuma (Foam) Party. It will cost around €40-€50 for most parties depending on the month. Spirit & mixers cost approx. €15 or more & a beer €13+. Water is €9.

San Antonio

Eden – right on the waterfront in San Antonio
Eden is the second superclub of San Antonio & has previously been home to high profile events like Pete Tong, Gatecrasher, Godskitchen & more. Back in the 1990s Eden was a notorious venue called the Star Club, which eventually morphed into Kaos before finally becoming Eden in the winter of 1999. It boasts an incredibly powerful soundsystem which works especially well for the more underground nights – Eden is the only place in San Antonio to enjoy quality underground house & tech on a superclub scale. The club is a few minutes walk along the bay from the centre of San Antonio & about a 5-10 minute walk from San Antonio’s major bus station, where buses run to & from Ibiza Town, or from Playa d’en Bossa during night hours only. Alternatively a cab will be around €20-€25 from Ibiza town.

Es Paradis – sits on the waterfront in San Antonio
This could well be one of the most beautiful club on the island & it certainly has a paradise feel to it as the name suggests. With a labyrinth secret garden that oozes glamour, Es Paradis has been around since the mid 70s & is one of the original charms of Ibiza’s nightlife. It is famous for its water parties, spectacular decor/design & pyramid roof. Located in the centre of San Antonio, it can be easily reached by any bus going in to San Antonio. Taxis cost about €20-€25 from Ibiza or Playa D’en Bossa & about €10 from further parts of San Antonio Bay. Popular parties include; Fiesta Del Agua & Hed Kandi. Expect to pay around €20-€40 although reduced price flyers & occasional free entry tickets are available from bars around San Antonio.
Quick tip – don’t try and get into the Fiesta del Agua (Water Party) with swimming shorts or trunks as you probably won’t get let in. You’ll have to wear them underneath!

Privilege Nightclub IbizaPrivilege – a club found in the middle of the island, near San Rafael
With a main room like an aircraft hangar, which could easily fit all of Ibiza’s other clubs inside it, Privilege has become renowned for providing the spectacular & grandiose like no other can. It started as Ku, which is a core part of the whole Ibiza story & in Manumission, it hosted one of the world’s most famous parties for over a decade. A swimming pool at its centre and layer upon layer of different parts of the club to explore, Privilege smashes down any existing boundaries you may have for the club experience. Its famous for its open air clubbing in the 70/80s, its huge swimming pool, being the world’s biggest club, Manumission & its sex shows, sunrise in the Vista Club.
It will cost about €10-€15 in a taxi from San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa or Ibiza Town. Disco buses also run all night direct from Ibiza & Playa d’en Bossa to San Antonio & vice versa. There are also special free buses, provided by the club or promoter, from locations in Playa D’en Bossa, Ibiza Port & San Antonio for ticket holders.
Entry prices vary between €20 & €40. A Vodka Lemon costs approximately €12 & a beer €10.

In addition to the above, there are many smaller venues such as Bora Bora, Ibiza Rocks, Ocean Beach Ibiza, Underground, MOMA, Gala Night, Grial, Santos, KM5, Lío and many more…..